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Where To Buy Speed Radar Signs in Western Canada | Edmonton Alberta Traffic Supply Company

Where To Buy Speed Radar Signs in Western Canada | Edmonton Alberta Traffic Supply Company

If you’re looking for radar signs, traffic equipment, or other traffic products in Edmonton, Alberta, Hi Signs | 310SIGN is your leading traffic sign and product expert. Rent or purchase from and

Hi Signs has a Traffic Supply and Traffic Rental division in in Edmonton, AB and is one of the leading suppliers of traffic products across Canada.  They have 50 years of experience in the industry being that they opened in 1974. They offer tons of products, from standard signage to radar speed signs, displays, and custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Speed Radar Signs available in Western Canada is leading choice for purchasing and renting traffic equipment and products. From  traffic cones, barricades and signs, barriers to LED flashing beacons and arrow boards.  Hi Signs also offers custom signs and other tailored solutions for your specific needs. With a focus on quality and customer service, is great for anyone looking to purchase traffic equipment in Western Canada.

In addition to selling traffic products, also offers rental options for those who need to use equipment temporarily.  Their rental inventory includes everything from barricades and signs, to message boards and traffic signals, giving you option s for short-term or long-term projects or events.

These websites, by Hi Signs | The FATH Group, offer top-quality traffic products and equipment at competitive prices.  They have a very strong focus on customer service. No matter what your traffic-related needs may be, Hi Signs is an excellent option for buying or renting traffic equipment to get the job done.