What Is Traffic Calming And Why Is It Important?

Traffic calming is a set of strategies and devices used to reduce the speed of traffic to improve road safety. The goal of traffic calming is to increase safety; by slowing down vehicles, reducing accidents, and promoting sustainable modes of transportation. There are several different methods and devices used to achieve this goal, devices like speed radar signs, radar speed trailers, and speed bumps.

Speed radar signs and radar speed trailers are effective ways to slow down traffic and provide drivers with real-time feedback on their speed. They help drivers to be aware of their speed and slow down it necessary, which greatly improves road safety. If you’re looking for speed radar signs or trailers in Edmonton, TrafficSupply.ca has a wide range of options available for sale through Hi Signs.

Speed bumps are another popular traffic calming device to slow down vehicles. They are made from durable materials such as asphalt, concrete, or rubber and are designed to slow down vehicles without causing damage. If you’re looking for speed bumps in Edmonton, HiSigns has options available for purchase.

While traffic calming devices are usually effective in slowing down traffic, they are not a substitute for enforcement. Many drivers believe that it’s better to slow traffic with devices instead of ticketing drivers. This approach helps improve road safety while also promotes a more positive and cooperative attitude among drivers.