Ver-Mac Equipment Users | Maximizing Outdoor Storage

Here’s a comprehensive guide to outdoor storage best practices in winter for Ver-Mac equipment users:

1. Charge Your Battery

Before storing your unit make sure your battery is fully charged to 12.6 volts.  This step is crucial because it ensures your battery is in optimal condition for storage.

2. Check Your Solar Regulator

Make sure your solar regulator is correctly connected. This device helps regulate the charging of your battery from the solar panels. Deploying a sign in your yard is a reminder to prevent batteries from remaining idle and freezing.

3. Optimize Solar Panel Placement

It’s recommended to position your solar panels at a 45- or 60-degree angle, depending on your equipment, and aim them southward in Canada. This orientation maximizes solar panel usage during the winter months when sunlight is less abundant.

4. Keep Panels Clear of Obstructions

Regularly clear snow or any obstructions from your solar panels. Blocked panels can lead to decreased charging efficiency and ultimately drain your batteries over time.

5. Monitor Battery Discharge

Be aware that batteries will naturally discharge over time, typically at a rate of 0.5 to 1% per day. To prevent excessive discharge, consider fully charging your battery every 2-3 months during storage.

6. Recharge Upon Retrieval

When it’s time to take your Ver-Mac units out of storage, don’t forget to recharge your batteries. After prolonged storage, batteries may have discharged below 12.6 volts, so topping them up ensures they’re ready for use.