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Ver-Mac AFAD – Automatic Flagger Assistance Device – Flagger Mac Benefits

Ver-Mac AFAD – Automatic Flagger Assistance Device – Flagger Mac Benefits

The Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac unit is a portable traffic control device commonly used in construction zones and road work areas to direct and manage traffic. Some of the benefits of using a Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac unit include:

Enhanced Safety

The Flagger-Mac unit improves safety by providing clear and visible traffic control signals, removing a flagger employee from the road. It alerts drivers to slow down, stop, or proceed with caution — reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall work zone safety.

Increased Efficiency

The unit easily streamlines traffic flow by directing vehicles through construction and work zones. It removes the need for manual flaggers and reduces human error, resulting in smoother traffic movement and improved traffic flow.


The Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac unit is very versatile and can be used in many traffic control scenarios. It can be deployed easily and changed to fit different road configurations and conditions, making it adaptable for different work zones.


The Flagger-Mac units are designed to be portable for easy transportation and setup. Its mobility makes it perfect for temporary work zones or areas that need frequent repositioning of their traffic control devices.

Programmable Control

The Ver-Mac Flagger Units offer programmable control options for customization of the traffic control sequences. They can be programmed to display specific signals and patterns based on the traffic conditions and requirements of the construction/work zone.

Visibility and Signage

These units features highvisibility LED lights and reflective signs, making sure it has the best visibility in all kinds of lighting and weather conditions.  Clear signage will help drivers understand the traffic control instructions quickly and easily.

Remote Control Capability

Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac units come with remote controls, allowing operators to control the unit from a safe distance. Remote control functionality increases operator safety and provides lots of options for managing your traffic control.

It is important to note that specific features and benefits may vary depending on the model and version of the Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac unit.