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Speed Bumps: An Effective Solution to Slowing Down Traffic in Edmonton, Alberta

Speed Bumps: An Effective Solution to Slowing Down Traffic in Edmonton, Alberta

Speed bumps, also known as speed humps or traffic calming devices, are raised sections of the road surface that are designed to slow down vehicles. They are usually made of concrete or asphalt and are placed in areas where there are concerns about speeding cars or high traffic volume. Speed bumps are widely used in residential areas, near schools, and in pedestrian-heavy areas.

One of the main reasons why speed bumps are effective at slowing down traffic is because they physically force drivers to reduce their speed. When a vehicle passes over a speed bump, it causes the car to slow down, which helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Speed bumps are typically placed in a series, which means that vehicles have to slow down multiple times, which helps maintain a slower speed throughout the area.

Speed bumps also serve as a visual cue for drivers. When a driver sees speed bumps installed ahead, they are more likely to slow their speed. This is often effective in areas where drivers may not be familiar with the road and its speed limit.

Speed bumps are effective at slowing vehicles down because they are relatively low cost. When compared to other traffic calming measures such as radar signs, speed bumps are much less expensive and easier to install.

Hi Signs provides signage to be used in conjunction with speed bumps to improve their effectiveness. If a city has placed speed bumps in an area, they can also place signs that indicate the presence of speed bumps ahead. This helps to warn drivers to reduce their speed, making the speed bumps even more effective.