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Ver-Mac Electric Message Boards | Unlocking Benefits of Renting

Ver-Mac Electric Message Boards | Unlocking Benefits of Renting

Electronic Message Board Rentals in Edmonton

Message Boards are an effective way to inform or direct pedestrians, vehicles, and other types of traffic. Hi Signs has a full fleet available for purchase or traffic rental! Message board rentals are becoming increasingly popular amongst business owners and event planners. They provide an efficient and cost-effective way to share important information with the public. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to use; simply enter your desired text into the electronic message board, and press the button to display it.

Hi Signs is one of Edmonton’s top Traffic Rental Companies that offers message board rentals. From basic models to high-tech traffic message boards, there is something for everyone. Whether you need a simple sign for a private event or a more sophisticated piece of equipment for commercial purposes, you can find it here in Edmonton.

Benefits of Renting a Ver-Mac Message Board

Renting an electronic message board is becoming increasingly popular in Edmonton. These traffic message boards help to keep drivers informed and aware of the current traffic conditions. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including providing important notices, warnings and even advertising. With access to the latest technology, they are perfect for any occasion or event.

Message board rentals provide an efficient way to reach out to drivers and passersby in Edmonton with minimal effort. These lightweight boards are easily transportable and don’t require extra maintenance or electricity costs associated with installing them permanently. And because they can be programmed remotely from anywhere, you can make sure your message is delivered without having to drive around town checking on their status every day.

In addition to this convenience, renting an electronic message board is also cost-effective compared to purchasing equipment outright.

Types of Messages

Electronic message boards are a great way to share information and communicate with others. They can be used for everything from displaying an important notice to providing the latest news updates. When it comes to choosing the types of messages to display, there are several different categories that can be considered.

First, informational messages provide useful facts such as upcoming events or changes in policy. These messages should be clear and concise so that recipients understand what is being communicated quickly and easily. Second, promotional messages highlight special offers or discounts that might interest customers or clients. Finally, personal messages are those sent between two people or small groups of people who want to stay connected with each other. Whether the message is intended for a large audience or a select group of individuals, electronic message boards can help ensure everyone receives it in a timely manner.


Finding the right place to set up a rented electronic message board can be an important decision. It is important to consider factors such as the amount of traffic in the area and safety when deciding where it should go.

For those considering renting an electronic message board, first assess the location; this will help them determine where they need to place their sign for maximum visibility and effectiveness. For example, if they are targeting drivers on a highway, then placing the electronic message board near heavily trafficked roads or highways is recommended. The more people that have access to that particular road or highway, the better chance there is for people seeing their advertisement or message. If pedestrians are being targeted, then setting up shop in busy shopping areas with high foot traffic would be best choice.

Cost Factors

Renting is often seen as a more expensive option than owning, but in reality it can be just as cost-effective. With the rise of traffic rentals and hi signs, owning no longer has to be the only viable choice for those who need them for their business operations.

Traffic rental services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses that require temporary road signs or directional help for events. Hi signs can be used for any number of activities such as advertising, warning messages or simply providing information about an event. By renting these items instead of buying them outright, businesses can save money on costs associated with ownership such as storage fees and maintenance fees.

Furthermore, renting also allows businesses to access higher quality items than they may otherwise have been able to afford if they purchased them outright.

Rental Requirements Conclusion

Are you looking for traffic rental equipment in Alberta, BC, or Saskatchewan? Hi Signs is the perfect place to find what you need. Their extensive selection of traffic rental products gives customers a variety of options for their projects. From cones and barricades to message boards, Hi Signs has it all.

Hi Signs offers fast delivery and setup services so that customers can get their project up and running quickly. They take pride in providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction with every job they do. All the equipment they provide is tested prior to delivery so that it will meet the highest standards of safety. Hi Signs also offers on-site technicians who can help with installation or maintenance if needed.

Their team of professionals are available to answer any questions customers may have about their traffic rental needs.